Door Repair


Your garage door is an important component of your home. If you think you might need repair, let DLX Garage Doors help! Here are a few common signs that your garage door might need some extra attention:

  • Parts of your garage door look rusty or worn out
  • You notice water damage to any of the components on your garage door
  • The door is not operating as smoothly as it used to or seems off-track
  • Your garage door isn’t working at all
  • You notice unusual or loud sounds whenever you open or close the door

Depending on the specific issue, these symptoms have the potential to lead to some serious bigger issues including becoming a safety hazard. You might even need to order new replacement parts. If your garage door doesn’t seem to be performing up to standard, be sure to call the Door Lift Xperts today. We provide free quotes since our main goal is to ensure that the process of repairing your garage door is as accurate and efficient as possible. You’ll get to meet with our friendly, knowledgeable technicians that our customers have come to expect. We’ll be sure to get your garage door back and running and in tip-top shape as soon as possible.

All of our employees are fully trained, screened, and licensed so you can be confident in knowing exactly who is working on your home. The garage door is a component that gets used almost on a daily basis. Making sure that yours is properly maintained will help to prevent potential high-cost repairs and services later down the road. While it seems simple, garage doors are really a complex system that should be routinely inspected and maintained.

Some of our repair services include:

  • Fixing or completely replacing broken springs, hardware, and gears that can cause your garage door to be difficult to open
  • Repairing or replacing sensors or safety eyes that can make it more difficult for your garage door to close and stay closed
  • Repair or replacement of any components that have been damaged either by weather, vehicles or other accidents
  • Repairing or replacing old or broken door remote controls and openers
  • Fixing or replacing malfunctioning keypads
  • Fixing garage doors that are off track or hanging sideways
  • Offering our customers new garage door and opener estimates if a full replacement is needed

No matter what the issue is, call our professionals at DLX Garage Doors today so we can help get you back on track!


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