Garage Door Installation and Repair Is Something I Can Do Myself, Right?

It might not seem like it, but working with garage doors is dangerous. Even replacing a broken spring can result in injury or death. We here at Door Lift Xperts wish we were exaggerating but we aren’t, which is why we offer Metro Atlanta residents and businesses affordable, professional garage door services. We don’t want you to get hurt. We can help with your garage door installation and repair.

Why This Isn’t a DIY Job

Did you know that a garage door can weigh anywhere from 130 pounds to over 400 pounds? Did you know that a maintenance worker was killed while working on a garage door in New York in 2004? Yes, that was a long time ago but people, especially children, are killed by garage doors every year. This reinforces our point: When you are working with heavy doors that require springs wound so tight they can seriously injure you if they snap, you realize that garage door repair and replacement is a job for the professionals. You don’t want a spring to snap while you’re handling it or a door falling on you.

Why Are the Springs So Dangerous?

Garage door springs are wound so tight because they must handle the weight of the door. Even if you don’t have an automatic garage door opener, you wouldn’t be able to open your door without the help of the garage door springs. In fact, have you ever had a spring break? Were you able to get the door opened after the spring broke? Were you able to keep it open? Garage door springs handle as much as 400 pounds every time they open and close a garage door, which is why they are wound so incredibly tight. They have to be strong to lift your door and then close it without it slamming shut.

What Should I Look For in a Garage Door Company?

Please allow us to toot our own horn here. We are a locally-owned-and-operated business that only hires experienced and fully-trained garage door installation and repair technicians. We provide garage door services to both residential and commercial customers, some of whom have come to rely on us for years. If you have garage door trouble or just want to remodel, we will provide a free estimate for all of our services, whether that is a new garage door installation or the service and repair of your existing door. Finally, we can also install garage door openers, remotes, and keypads, and, yes, we will replace that broken spring for you so you don’t run the risk of being injured by it.

We are Door Lift Xperts in the Metro Atlanta, GA, area and this is what we believe you should expect from a garage door company. Call us today at 770-284-4433.

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