Door Openers


In order for your garage door to operate properly, it needs a well-working, powerful opener. The opener is the driving force behind your garage door and gives the ability to lift and lower it as needed. If you’re in need of a new garage door opener, give DLX Garage Doors a call and we’re happy to provide you with expert advice and installation services. There are some DIY installation kits available at many big-box home improvement stores, but they typically only offer the basic models. If you run into problems or have questions with these DIY openers, you’re stuck dealing with them on your own.

Contact our technicians at DLX Garage Doors to provide you with an estimate on a new installation. We offer many different brands including Liftmaster, the brand rated number one by Consumer Reports. Whatever brand you choose, we make sure it delivers the power, durability, and reliable efficiency you want and need. Our staff knows about the many different types of garage door openers available. From chain-driven to belt-driven or screw-drive and jackshaft openers, each one has its own unique way of operating.

To pick the right door opener for you, you’ll want to consider many different factors including the price, how much horsepower it has, the noise level it produces, and any maintenance requirements the opener may have. Some homeowners don’t have much expertise in this area, so selecting the right one can be tough. You may need an opener with more horsepower, or you may just need to find the right brand that offers you the reliability you need. Sometimes, deciding if you’re getting a good deal on the opener and accessories can pose a real challenge.

Our technicians are able to answer all your questions and make sure that you get the garage door opener that will fit your needs the best. Whether it’s a quiet operation, special security features, or fast lifting and closing, the perfect model is out there waiting for you. Our professional technicians are also able to install keypads and wall buttons as well as program your garage door remote to ensure that it operates efficiently.

Whether you need a new garage door opener or need your current one repaired, the experts at DLX Garage Doors are here to help. We can troubleshoot your current system to help resolve a wide variety of problems and provide you with the repairs or components you need to get things back to normal. Give us a call today so we can explore your options and make sure you have the best garage door opener possible.


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